So this is winter eh?

Stiff water on Henderson Lake

Stiff water on Henderson Lake puts the locals into a fowl mood.

Hey!  I’m wondering about this winter in Southern Alberta!  The temperature is supposed to be cold and yet it’s 7 degrees Celsius out there today.  What’s with that?  Actually, I’m not complaining at all.  The wind is blowing a warm, Chinook off the mountains across the prairie and it’s beautiful.  The winds during a Chinook are amazing.  The word Chinook apparently is a Blackfoot word that means “snow eater”.  I haven’t verified that, but then who cares anyway?  As long as we can be in a Chinook a few times during the winter, we’ll put up with the warm weather while it lasts.

So here’s a little video that you can watch to see what it’s supposed to look like in winter around here.  I did this one about 2 years ago and put it on YouTube.  Hope you enjoy it.   Winter Splendor 

So the holiday is winding down now.  We’re ready to go back to work and dig in and make beautiful music or something.  I think the blast of sound from the air horn that I use to cause the fire drill to happen is about the only beautiful music I’m going to be making next week.  I went into the office today to see about my mail and any reports that need attention and there were very few people around so I finished doing what I had to do and got out of there before someone made me do something I didn’t want to do.

Actually I’ll be happy to get back to the regular routine again next week.  I don’t know how retirees stay sane when they don’t have anything to keep them active and engaged in things they like to do.  It would bore me to death.

Not quite the shelter

Not quite the shelter that Snowbirds think of during the winter, I’ll bet.

So now over the next few days I have to help my Maggie setup her website a bit and see if I can help her set up her new iMac to sort images for her stock business through Lightroom.  That should keep me out of trouble for a day or so.

Have a great day and we’ll write more tomorrow.