A Virus Disaster

Amazing! I say again, AMAZING that all the world wars and all the catastrophes that have befallen the world as we know it over the millennia that the mighty empire to the south has been brought to its knees by a microbe. How amazing is that?

The most amazing part of it is that for all the wonderful things that the US has done for itself in terms of technology and science, the powers that be, disregarded all the forewarnings of their experts and allowed themselves to be lulled into a deep complacency in which they believed they were invincible. How sad is that?

Even after seeing the rest of the world struggle with containing Covid 19, the grand Poobah of the USA couldn’t get it through his thick, narcissistic skull that he might lose this one to a bug. Checkmate, Donald.

Unfortunately for the mainly sane and thinking people of the country, who form the majority, they have had to watch the consequences of this insanity. They have had to endure over a million of their people being ravaged by this incredible disease. A disease that has indiscriminately killed over 70,000 of its citizens in the most hideous way and placed nearly 30 million people on the unemployment roles.

I pity my friends and neighbours to the south and wish them all a speedy recovery. They don’t deserve this after being slaughtered by untruths and poor government and their wholly inadequate federal administration’s ability to cope or to tell the truth to its citizens.

Good luck my friends.
Don’t forget to vote.

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