The Original Lethbridge Breakfast Business Club

logo newNetworking is fun.  I do lots of it through all the organizations I belong to, but the one that I get more out of than all the others combined is The Original Lethbridge Breakfast Business Club.

Shortly after starting to work with my friend and fellow photographer, Lorne Kemmet, an old fart came into the studio to dazzle and delight me with this wisdom and wit.   We hit it off almost immediately, after some considerable sparing over who could tell the worst joke.

Jim on his 78th birthday.

Jim Swanton of the OLBBC celebrating his 78th birthday. Why did the neighbours let him live this long?

Jim Swanton is a peach, many people would say.  I’d probably be inclined to call him some other type of fruit though.

Nobody has as much fun as this guy and we all love him to pieces when he moderates the most rambunctious crowd of business owners and reps on Wednesday morning every week.  Our meetings are held at 7:30 AM at the Streetside Eatery at 317 8th Street South in Lethbridge.

Jim has been the president off and on all the years that I’ve belonged since 2004 and we’ve become good friends over the decade and continue to spar at every meeting, just for fun.  I must admit though that he often gets the upper hand.  That’s likely because he’s had more experience at insulting people than I’ve had.  After all, he’s a hell of a lot older than this spring chicken.

More often as not we have guest speakers that try to dazzle and delight us with their amazing knowledge on things we sometimes have to try hard to be interested in.


Sometimes we’re enthusiastic about our speakers

Listening intently

We all listen intently as someone tries to impress us with their knowledge and wit.

Face it, some people just don’t have anything to say, so stop trying until you do, ok?  (Holy cow, I’ve become a poet.)

So isn’t 7:30 too early, you say?  I think its’ about the right time for anyone to be getting a healthy dose of laughter and a good breakfast.  There is certainly no lack of that when you attend our club.  For us older folk, 7:30 AM is about the time we have finished the daily ablutions and are on our third cup of coffee.  In Jim’s case, he’s already finished delivering his personalized newspapers to the RCI guests he takes such great care of, so he doesn’t sleep anyway.  In my case, Norman the dog has gone out at least two times, the shower has been had, the face has been scraped and the buckies are polished and inserted, so I’m ready for a good laugh too.  Top that off with a cat bugging me to go out and the car being warmed up and I’m off around 7:00 to the meeting.

It’s the highlight of my week and it sets the tone for the next 7 days so I’ll just keep doing it until I’m not able.  After all if Jim can do it, and he’s a decade older than I am, then I’ll never give up trying to beat him.

If you want to come and visit and have a great breakfast, give me a call at 403 634 8801 and we’ll get you on the invite list.



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