What to do on a cold day

When it gets cold and dreary during winter, what do you do to perk it up a bit?  Do you go for a walk?  The bracing cold wind blowing in your face and taking your breath away doesn’t seem like fun to me, somehow.  There are others that dedicate themselves to renovating and doing some painting around the house perhaps.  Hmmm?  Maybe not this week.

The bat house

The bat house in our backyard is a warm place to live in the winter.

Other seniors go to the senior centre and play cards or other games with friends, or go for coffee with colleagues they used to work with and that can be fun too.  Sorry not for me.  And others just cloister themselves inside and enjoy a nap or read a book or watch a great video on TV.  And then there are people like me who take courses on-line on how to do most anything.

Lately my courses have been centred on website development and blogs in particular.  I take them through many sources such as Great Escape Publishing.  I’ve taken many courses through these people and I always come away with something useful.  They do tend to inundate me with an enormous amount of information by e-mail but the information is good and they keep me up to date on all the latest trends and stuff.  I’ve been taking courses with them for over 3 years now and I still keep coming back for more.  There are courses that you can take on-line that cover most everything you can imagine from building houses to skydiving; from writing books to photography.  There is one company on the web called Creative Live that puts courses on for photographers and other creative people for free with high quality video and audio and interactive as well.  Check them out here.    They have an amazing lineup of courses that you can purchase that are all professionally created and inexpensive.

Primarily my focus has been to become a better writer and I think that’s started to happen.  I was dismal at first but seem to be able to spit out better copy now that I’ve learned some of the ropes.  I don’t know, but you be the judge of that.

I also search out subjects on YouTube that pertain to just about anything.  By the way I figure that if I have a ton of equipment to use as computers from iMac’s to PC’s to iPhones, and my iPad, I should take advantage of the power of these wonderful tools and use them to both entertain and to make an income.  The best way to do that is to use the powerful search engines that are out there, especially Google.  You can find anything on Google, but why not use the second biggest search engine out there too, YouTube?  Now you aren’t just seeing text and pictures but actual live video of just about anything you can think of.  I love YouTube.

For instance if you want to learn to sail a small sailboat watch this…Now isn’t that interesting?  Just type in youtube and the subject of what you want to search for and pick any of the ones being shown.  What a great, visual way to learn with this powerful tool that comes for free on the internet.  As a senior citizen it adds enormously to our entertainment and information as well as being a great tool for research on any projects we may want to do.  There is literally something written about everything you can think of out there from religion to heart surgery, so get on your computers and play.

So that’s some of the stuff I do when it gets cold up here in the frozen north.  Would I rather be somewhere else instead?   Well sure, Hawaii comes to mind,

The old bridge in Coalman, AB.

The old bridge in Coleman, AB on a cold wintery day.

but I think this is a great substitute for being out there for those of you that find time or finances are a bit tight.

Tell me about the things that you like to do when it gets cold where you are and we’ll include them in one of our blogs.  Write to me at tom@tombuchananphoto.com and let’s get it going here.

Stay warm – Tom


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    • You have no idea how enticing that sounds right now, Judy. However, home is where you toss your hat and right now it’s firmly stuck to this place. We can still look at all the pictures from the amazing coastal tour we made this past year and the wonderful hospitality we felt when visiting with you back in April. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year. It’s so fresh in our minds. Thanks for the comment. – Tom

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