So I Removed My Shirt

Well, I didn’t really remove my shirt, but I did unbutton it so that Stephanie Parrish could put pads on my back and chest and shoulder.  This week at the Original Lethbridge Business Breakfast Club (OLBBC) I had the pleasure of volunteering for a demonstration of a LED Light Therapy treatment.

I’ve been suffering with Frozen Shoulder for the last six months or more and she mentioned that I ‘d likely feel some relief from the chronic pain I was feeling in my left arm and shoulder.  She motioned me towards a zero gravity chair and I mentioned that I hadn’t realized I was going to the electric chair and hoped it wasn’t going to be as terminal as the other ones I had heard about.

After connecting the pads and putting a hood over my eyes, she told me that I was going to see some very,very bright lights that would flash and gradually change colour.  So all strapped in, the lights were started and she was right… it was just like having the sun come up.  Not unpleasant, but bloody bright even with your eyes shut.  At the same time I felt a warm sensation on my back and chest as the infrared light penetrated my old body.  It was much like that sensation we’ve all had when things go wrong with the waterworks, not that I can remember that happening in the last 65 years or so.

The warm feeling was comfortable and relaxing and while I was being cooked, Stephanie and her partners carried on with the explanation of what it was doing.  Apparently it’ll cure or relieve just about everything from bad breath to unruly hair and there were lots of statements of how effective it has been for people with chronic pain.  I’m not a strong believer in anecdotal evidence and in my mind I was skeptical but was willing to listen and experience what it did for me.

The main lights turned off and a loud beeping emanated from the machine I was connected to, much like when your potato has finished cooking in the microwave.  Stephanie removed the hood over my eyes and then turned the big guns on to my shoulder to give it an extra shot.  As soon as that happened and she had removed the pads, I jumped up and exclaimed “I’ve seen the light!”

Quite honestly, after the treatment I felt some relief from the pain in my arm which lasted about an hour at best.  The arm felt cooler and the inflammation seemed to have gone down somewhat.  So for that hour I felt better and I thank them for that because any relief is better than none.  Am I still skeptical?  Yup!  I wonder how much was purely psychosomatic and how much was real therapy.  The results were certainly interesting, but I’m still not fully convinced.

It was another experience added to the list.

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