Day One On Our Way To California

So at last we got underway at 8:30 and right on time.  Angie and Tom had showed up around 8:00 or so and we handed over the keys, kats, kanine and kisses.  It was a great send off and we only forgot a couple of things so that’s pretty good considering.  The roads were great and the weather was beautiful.  We stopped in Crowsnest Pass for a top up of gas and some snacks and then on to Cranbrook, BC.

When we got to Cranbrook we decided to have lunch at the local ABC and that was likely a mistake as the place was packed and lots of screaming kids to boot.  The food was good though and we enjoyed getting out of there after nearly an hour.  Oops lost time and it made the trip a bit longer.  Then the stuff hit the fan.

As we were driving out of town I turned on the GPS and it just wouldn’t initialize.  All our addresses were on it and we had no directions on where to go and how to get there. After fighting with the damn thing for awhile we turned around and headed back to Cranbrook and Walmart and they had one there for a good price plus a whole bunch of money for the government.  It saved the day and we were able to plug in the things we needed to get to Spokane.

At the border we went in to Canada Customs to register our camera and computer equipment.  Boy I didn’t realize how well they hide the serial numbers on the various bits of gear we have.  The Customs Officer that was helping us was impressed with the lenses and asked me what they would be valued at.  It extracted another wow from him when I told him.

Going through the US border was uneventful for the most part.  The inspector was a very friendly guy and he asked all the required questions and got all the correct answers from us.  He wished us a pleasant journey and we were on our way.

So miles and miles and miles of great roads and many slow areas we made it to Bonner’s Ferry and bought some groceries at the local Safeway.  They were the friendliest people I think I’ve ever met in that store.  There were no fewer than three people helping us and all of them asked if we needed any help with taking them out to the car.  Wow, what nice people.

We arrived at our campground at about 6:30 and met the owner, Bill, and got installed into our little cabin for the night.  Maggie made supper of steak and potatoes and it was delicious.  Now we just need to drop off to sleep and then get up bright and early for our trip to the Oregon coast via Portland and on to Waldport, OR.  It’s going to be a long trip tomorrow but lots of new things to see.

See you tomorrow,

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