I Love Summer So Hurry UP and Get Here

So is summer ever going to come to this unusual place we live in? Supposedly this week its supposed to happen. But I’m really not complaining. So what have we been doing? Well lots of photographic courses to teach and quite a bit of photography too. I do work with Wind River Glass as their Safety Coordinator and that keeps me incredibly busy every day. I wish I had more time for the fun stuff in photography though. Maggie is working with me to do some marketing stuff and that is a big help too. So that’s about all that has been going on.

I want to tell you about a new website that we have been working on to increase the ability of my customers to find what they need in terms of product photography. The normal cost for product photography is expensive for startup companies when you count in the cost of the session and the individual product shots. We are doing web photos for $35 each including the session cost if the client brings the products to our studio in Coaldale. If I have to go on-site we are charging for my time and travel, but it is reasonable. I’m also providing the images as unlimited in usage which is pretty unusual in this day and age. I just feel that they will keep coming back as they develop new products if I’m reasonable with them and I really don’t want the copyright on them anyway. It removes the hastle from the business and my clients like it that way. Have a look at the site http://newproductphotos.com and oh while you’re at it have a look at www.thebuchanangallery.com to see my new stock photography site.

Nice talking to you all again and I will have more news shortly on how we are doing.

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