Do You Forget Things?


Now what did I come here for?

Have you ever started out to do something and then when you get to where you were going have forgotten what it was you were going to do?  In this busy and cluttered life most of us have had that experience now and again.  We often say to ourselves and others that we must be getting old and that memory loss is a naturally occurring thing that we need to get used to.

Last week I spent some time in Calgary at a safety conference.  This is an annual event held over two days and it gathers together hundreds of safety professionals to learn and spend some time networking.  Wow, what a great event.  One of the speakers was the most energetic person I have ever met.  I’m still wondering what he’d be like if he got excited.

Gary Anaka is a Brain Coach and his presentation started off with all of us standing up and running essentially on the spot for a few moments.  He explained that by doing that we were creating new neurons in our brains to replace the old ones that no longer were working.  Cool!  It was a crowd of very enthusiastic people in that room, myself included and I must say that it was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.  Gary is knowledgeable, fun and an exciting speaker and someone I recommend highly if you have a group that you want to encourage to become healthier and more tuned in to brain health.

It’s amazing the stuff we do to our bodies that cause them to be less healthy, but we seldom think of the brain as an integral part of our body and that if we don’t take care of our health, we will slowly destroy the brain as well.  He gave us dozens of tips to take away to build our brain and body health, to sleep better, to combat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for those of us that are getting a bit older.  He taught us about what we’re feeding our brain by engaging in eating junk food and drinking alcohol and other vices such as the killer smoking.  (I quit smoking 37 years ago, by the way) He taught us how to break stress and some tricks on remembering things that we can use.  He taught us about proper nutrition and what to avoid.

Gary brought some books that he sold for $20 at the event called Brain Wellness – the secrets for longevity.  To show how enthusiastic we were in the workshop, he brought 50 books and sold out in 4 and a half minutes.  Gary has a whole series of books to assist you on learning how to keep your brain healthy and you can see them at his website

Let’s start taking better care of our brain and live long healthy lives filled with laughter and enjoyment because of it.  We do not have to fall for the long standing myth that as we get older we just naturally start forgetting things and can only look forward to less brain activity in our senior years.  Connect to Gary’s website and see what he does that can help.  Gary lives in Nanaimo, B.C.

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