Ok, why these little buggers anyway?


A monster on a leaf waiting to attack any unsuspecting warm blooded thing.

Mosquitoes are just plain not fair. Just when winter is finally over and we have visions of taking to the out of doors, we get scourged by these little vermin of the air. Here in Southern Alberta, when it gets wet in the early summer with torrential rains filling our rivers and lakes with overflowing water and our basements and lanes get flooded, puddles start to form and shortly after that the inevitable hatching of trillions of little beasts that seem to multiply like, like, like mosquitoes. So much for enjoying a quiet beer in the backyard or a BBQ with the family. Being stung by mosquitoes becomes the only thing you can focus on when outside.  Their reason for living is to target anything with warm blood running through its veins, both man and beast and to drive us all crazy with their high pitched whine as they zero in on a juicy piece of flesh from which to fill their bloody bodies.  It’s a conspiracy, I’m sure. There simply are not enough bats in the world to combat the problem, to eat their weight in these bugs from hell in the night, so we resort to less subtle methods like chemicals that we slather on our bodies to help protect us and cover us with a strong smelling, sticky Deet filled film, that offers some protection, but not always. In fact I was teaching a course on wildlife photography in the River Bottom a few years ago after a flooding of the area and when we left the protection of the Helen Schuller Nature Centre to venture outside for a shooting spree, the little dive bombers from Hell were so thick that even Deet didn’t prevent us from being swarmed. We abandoned the shoot and went inside again to escape the melee. It ruined a perfectly good workshop and I was properly peeved to say the least. So what can we do about mosquitoes? I’m sorry but I’m at a loss and I ask you all to send me a note to let me know what you have found that works. In the meantime, we stay cloistered in our homes and avoid the outside in the early mornings and evenings. However even that doesn’t work these days in Coaldale with the little buggers still making life miserable during the day too. Oh well, it’s likely too hot to be out there anyway during the heat of the day. Let me know what you suggest. In the meantime, shower in Deet and venture carefully into the jungles of Alberta at your own risk.  Oh and by the way, I give you protection to kill them anyway you see fit.  Kill, Kill, Kill mosquitoes now!!!

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