A Trip to Nicaragua

Nicaragua April 6, 2016

Getting to Know Some Locals
San Juan del Sur

One of the most enjoyable parts of any travels that I have made throughout my life has been meeting new people and finding out their story.  This trip to Nicaragua has not disappointed me in that quest.  There are so many different people here that have either come for vacation and never left or others that have packed up their worldly goods into a motorhome and simply come and bought a property and started a business.  They are mostly from the US or Canada with the majority from Canada by far.  I don’t know what it is about this place, but Canadians like it here.  The surfing community seems to be mostly young Canadians with a smattering of others from places like the US, Germany, France and other countries who come to surf the most amazing places.  When we went up the hill to go see the Christ of Mercy statue today, we found out from a local that the next two headlands with huge mansions built on them are Canadians with their own private beaches, wharfs and yachts.

If you look you will see some beautiful homes built below.  These homes have been mostly built by ex-pats from the US and Canada.

To get up to the top from the townsite there is a 2.5 Km trail which gradually becomes steeper and steeper as you go up to the top.  We cheated though and took a taxi up and climbed the last 100 meters of stairs which was a challenge as well.  It was worth it.  There’s a little chapel with an interpretive centre below the 25 meter statue of Christ overlooking the town.

And the view of the town from the top is even more amazing especially with a telephoto lens.

But the best view is this one with Maggie enjoying the spectacular view.  The late afternoon sun is so perfect a time for a shot like this.  (It’s sad, however, that people have to discard their rubbish up here in this sacred place.  I guess it’s the sign of the times.)

And finally back down in the town and on the beach we see another picture perfect sunset in San Juan del Sur.

Good night my friends.  See you tomorrow.

Tom and Maggie in San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua




































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