Walking Around San Juan del Sur

April 5, 2016
Tuesday in Paradise
San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua
Tuesday was a day of sunshine once again and was a bit cooler to start but still absolutely perfect weather.  We slept in this morning and got up a bit later than usual for us. It was nearly 8:30 before we roused ourselves.  We took off to the beach right after getting up and had a light meal at the Barrio a bit later this morning.  The rest of the day was a busy one however and most of it was taken up going for our walk throughout town and seeing things that we wanted to see.  But I’ll let the pictures do the talking from this point on…

Pelicans are the most common bird slowly hovering over the bay and then dropping into the ocean to catch fish.  There are alway a dozen or so of these magnificent birds floating and diving off shore.

On our walk we came across this elegant hotel and looked it up on-line when we got back to the hotel.  My pictures of this old time Victorian masterpiece wouldn’t do it justice so I include the link to it here.  http://www.hotelvictoriano.com/EN/web_files/about-us.html  It lives up to the amazing story behind it even to this day and we enjoyed having a chance to see it today.  The rates are excellent too.

The wind was blowing as hard as it could to try to dislodge Maggie’s hat.  She only lost it once that I know of.  But who could complain with the warm wind blowing and the temperature hovering around 33 C.  But most of all the smell of the ocean and flowers everywhere.

You could want for nothing here.  I’ve never had a chiropractic massage, but I’ll bet it would be an experience that we could never forget.  I tried to look up the website posted but it doesn’t exist.

I’m not sure but I think this is going to be another high end hotel in the area and in a pretty good spot in the town too.  The dock along the front on the right is where the cruise ships disembark their passengers so it looks like someone has a good idea.  Location, location, location!

We went into this office to say hello and perhaps get to know a local realtor.  We used to have one down here but we haven’t heard hide nor hair of him for over a year now.  We inquired and he’s still in the area but isn’t very active anymore apparently.  However we did meet a nice fellow, Richard, who originally came from England and studied at Toronto University and lived in Guelph, ON before coming to Nicaragua.  He says he loves it here and welcomed us as did his colleague Natalie who also comes from England.  Richard was one of the most well turned out people I have ever met.  Meticulous in his dress and conversation.  We had a great chat.

And today we also met some ex-pats from Philadelphia.  They run a neat little restaurant called The  Philadelphia Cheesesteak Shop right on the main drag along the beach in SJDS.  Marci and Tyler came down from Philly about six months ago in their motorhome and parked it on a piece of land that they bought.  They drove all through the US and then crossed the border at Brownville, TX and on down the east coast crossing over when they got to Guatemala and then down the Pan American Highway to San Juan Del Sur.

Marci and Tyler of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Shop
Healthy palm trees line the beach.

The heat of the sun is surprising.  It is brilliantly overhead and just beats down on you relentlessly.  I don’t complain about it because that’s exactly what I wanted to experience after so many years away from the south seas.  When I was in the RCN, I spent most of my time at sea and in the south Pacific enjoying the never ending sunshine.  This place reminds me more of that than any other we have been to.  Panama was nice but it wasn’t sunny but rather more cloudy most of the time.  I especially like San Juan del Sur.

I believe there must be more than 25 restaurants and bars throughout SJDS.  They take every possible theme and run with it an some are terrific with excellent food.

San Juan del Sur is known for its surf and even in the bay there is significant surf for people young and old to enjoy.  There’s an old adage that you never turn your back on the sea, but I guess this fellow hadn’t read about that and got knocked over by the comer right after this shot while the other fellow dove into it as you should.

Anyway he surfaced after being knocked down into the shallows and not the worse for wear.

Here’s another local resident taking advantage of the cooler shade.  There are lots of dogs around the area as I mentioned before and they are in good shape for the most part.

This sign is a reminder to some of the vehicles to keep the noise down.  Annoyingly there are several trucks that go through the town with the loudspeakers blaring both music and speech at high levels.  When they go past you they are so loud that it is nearly unbearable.  The sign basically says that they want you to keep the sound down to below 45 db while going through residential areas and have some respect for others.

I believe I mentioned the open market in another post but here are some shots of what it looks like there.  Meals are reasonably priced in the restaurants with a two course meal for two about $20 USD including drinks.  However if you want to buy fresh vegetables and meats at the market and prepare it for yourself at your hotel, it will cost you under half of that easily including drinks.  The food at the markets is excellent and inexpensive.

If there are so many restaurants to choose from, there are even more clothing stores that mainly cater to women.  I was looking for a new shirt to bring home but couldn’t find anything for men in my size.  Ok folks I’m not that big, take it easy.

The image below is what we see from the door of our hotel.  As I said before we are only a 100M from the beach.

This interesting old house is another antique and was originally a plantation owners’s home.

Low tide at the beach (where else would it be) on a quiet afternoon in this little town.

It just doesn’t get any better than this in my opinion.  What a magnificent place this is.

And finally at the heat of the day we say adios and head for a cool siesta.

See you tomorrow everyone.  –  Tom & Maggie

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