Monday’s Pictures from Nicaragua

Nicaragua – April 4, 2016

Monday in San Juan del Sur

We found a great restaurant right up the street about 50 meters away called the Barrio.  The Barrio serves a great breakfast for a reasonable price and the service is superb.  

And they have a bird or two down here too.  This little colourful woodpecker was banging away at his house just within our courtyard.

And the little guy above was up eating the flowers off the trees and they try to scare them away with propane cannons all over the town, but it doesn’t seem to do much good. Boy you talk about noisy.  These parrots screech at the top of their lungs all day.  Beautiful but annoying.

We really got a kick out of this fella and his stick on the beach.  There are dogs and cats all over the beach and it seems just as natural as can be.  Nobody pays any attention to them and they are part of the overall scene here in Nicaragua.  They are all very well behaved and you don’t generally find droppings all over the place like you do in Europe on the sidewalks.

This is Mike and he has some deformities that don’t seem to be any kind of hindrance to anything he might want to do in life.  He’s a bit wary of strangers but loves to have his picture taken from a distance.  He likes to hang out in front of one of the hotels in town and enjoys getting any handouts that might come his way.
And this sleepy old fella loves to just lie there and take in the warmth of the sun.  He wouldn’t even more a muscle when we can up close to him and Maggie thought he was expired.  I saw his eyes twitch so I knew he was still with us.
Now this old fella just looks like he ran out of room and had to find a wall to prop himself up against to get maximum exposure to the cool breeze blowing through this building.  We made noises to see if he was awake and he was completely comatose and unresponsive.
Life is but a dream and this old fella was taking advantage of it in the best possible way.  There was a cool breeze blowing through this school courtyard and he just found a perfect place and time for a siesta.  Oh the life.

Night falls fast in this part of the world as we’re so far south.  And all to soon the evening is upon us and everyone is going home to rest from the busy day.  The sunset on the beach was spectacular tonight.  It was so fast but so perfect and we loved to watch the play on light that the sun did with the clouds as well.

Goodnight everyone.
Tom and Maggie

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