Sunday in SJDS

Nicaragua – April 4, 2016

Sunday in SJDS

So a bit of a change in format for this blog.  More pictures, less talk.  OMG the old bugger has been muzzled at last.  Well not really.  I just still think that pictures tell so much more and I’ll annotate where I feel it’s necessary.  In other words it will be focused on images first and words second.  Hope you like it this way.  Comment if you feel you need to.
A Day at the Beach and Around Town

 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our hotel recommended the food and we agree it’s good and filling and worth the price. I had very nicely prepared bacon and eggs and Maggie decided to have an omelette.  She wasn’t fond of the sauce but the omelette was good.  Something about “Holy cow this is hot!” comes to mind.  The cost?  $2.50 USD each.  
The outdoor market in SJDS was filled with lots of good food items for very reasonable prices. We went in to just have a look at it and were quite surprised by the selection.  Mostly fruits and vegetables but a good variety and quality.
Not quite Superstore but then again you don’t have to pack your own bags either.

People were smiling and having a good time and the most common word you could hear was “hola”.  There were even some stealthy vendors there that smiled and tried to hide from our cameras.

Oh, but you don’t have to buy coconuts because they’ll just fall on your head down here.
We even found a little bit of Canada down here.  I think I’ll pass on that one.
And if you find yourself in trouble and in need of a lawyer in San Juan del Sur I’m sure these guys will represent you appropriately.  I doubt it will be the $250/Hr type of representation that we might be accustomed to back home though.  
Notice the top of the wall on this image. That’s the normal cooling system they have here as opposed to AC.  With a breeze from inland the temperature is bearable, but right now at this time of year (April) it’s the hottest time of year and very little rain falls during the early spring.  Spring rains start in May and it cools off considerably.  Our room has AC so we can’t complain at all, but when out on our walks it gets unbearable after an hour or so.
 Here’s an image of a garden we found in town.  They sell plants here for the locals.  You can see how lush and green everything is. Maggie was happy to walk through and get some shots of the local flora.  This local resident obviously is enjoying the weather and just lies around. 
Maggie thought he was expired, but I saw his eyes flutter a couple times, so he’s very much alive.  Just having a great day in a tropical paradise.  
And here’s another one looking for a bit of relief and maybe a bite or two in the sand.  These guys run like the wind on the sand and I suppose it helps to keep them cool.

Just a walk on the beach
Sitting at a beach side bar gives you a great perspective on what people do to stay occupied in this wonderful town.  The fellow in the white hat at the rear rents these steeds out for a walk from one end of the beach to the other.  About 2 miles and then has them dismount and walk back on their own.  Now that’s kind of cool don’t you think?  
Notice the guy on the phone?  Is that what you would call distracted riding or something?  I wonder if there’s a fine for that?  I don’t think horses have Bluetooth do they? Perhaps he’s realized that he’s going to get dumped at the end of the beach and that he has to walk back and is calling for a taxi to pick them up. I can’t really blame him.  It’s hot out there.  And finally I’m surprised that they didn’t ride back.
So you can see this big guy up on the hill overlooking the San Juan del Sur bay. Cristo de la Misericordia (Christ of Mercy) is the second biggest statue of Jesus in the Americas with the first being in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  it’s a 2 Km hike up the hill to visit this enormous monument that’s apparently 25M high. Next time for us.  We have lots of work to do to get into good enough shape to do that climb and especially at this stage in our lives.

So I have no idea as to why they call this the Hotel Irish House.  It looks really nice and according to the ratings it’s pretty good as a place to stay, but a bit pricey for my taste.

Even the dogs feel the heat and what better way to cool off
than a nice dip in the cool Pacific Ocean.  This guy’s got it
figured out.

And here’s another cute little hotel.  They seem to be everywhere and some are really nice and comfortable looking and some are not.  Don’t be fooled by the cover in any case.  Use Trip Advisor or Booking to find out about the hotel you’re going to stay at.  By staying at the hotel we are at, we saved hundreds of dollars and got exactly what we wanted by checking it out beforehand and reading the reviews carefully for any hidden gotcha’s.  It paid off.

Food is always a special treat for us and being here in San Juan del Sur hasn’t disappointed us at all.  The meal selections are excellent, well prepared and delicious.  

The beautiful beach here is a great place for all sorts of activities but especially people watching from the cabanas on all the beach side bars.  Star struck lovers look into each others eyes and life is good.

Even peoples pets enjoy the sunshine

But alas, it’s coming to the end of the day here in this little bit of paradise on the west coast of Nicaragua on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  We’ve had a good day and are well fed and ready for bed soon.  Because we are on the west coast the sunsets are spectacular and we took advantage of it this day.

Good night San Juan del Sur and thank you for the great day in the sun.
Tom & Maggie

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