Are You Too Old to Use Instagram?

Instagram was presented to me last night at a PPOC South Branch meeting by Doreen Vanderhart. Wow! What have I been missing all this time? We all are on Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter, but this platform has everything I think I need to get my message out to my customers for Tom Buchanan Photographics. Doreen explained some of the features that are available that I can use that really make sense to me as a photographer. Most importantly she told us about using video to show what we are able to do on Instagram that gives people something more interesting to watch than just stills. Inspiring and could be a lot of fun. You know me and fun. My motto at the top of this page explains that.

So I am going to try to learn this one platform completely and may even show a video of me learning it on-line and practicing how to use it. Although I am firmly entrenched in the use of my desktop computer to do editing and other things, this might be something new and innovative to try instead using my smartphone.

Thanks Doreen for the insight and your good humour last night. You did a good job of explaining in simple terms the advantages of using Instagram instead of being mired in the Facebook world of endless garbage. This is infinitely more focused and I like that.

See you on Instagram soon.

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