Why My Site?

When you get to my age, you’re always looking for new ways to generate income that don’t require that you go work for some retail outfit or something worse.  I would make a lousy “Greeter” and manual labour isn’t in my future either unless it’s refurbishing my own home or working in the garden or something.  Quite frankly I get enough exercise jumping to conclusions, running amok and getting on peoples backs to keep me fit presently.

So the issue is that there will be appropriate ads put up by Google Adsense on our site as well as other ads by other providers.  I promise not to make them overbearing but understand that I make money by doing this and the companies I provide advertising space to are all ones I enjoy using myself.

If you have other ideas for me about companies that should advertise on my site, send me a note and we’ll investigate.

Websites for PhotographersPlease remember that the more advertising revenue I make, the longer I get to eat and I’ve grown accustomed to eating over the last seven decades, so help me out there folks.  For instance the folks at Fine Art America are outstanding is providing an avenue for aspiring or mature artists to show and sell their work.  The site runs flawlessly and their prints are first class.  The key to getting the site working for you is to publish new work consistently and often to keep your name in front of the buyers.  I have referred many artists to this site and some have made a fair amount of money on it.  I strongly recommend that if you are a visual artist, give Fine Art America a try.  Simply click on the ad.

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