IMG_1130Hi.  My name is Tom Buchanan. I’m a senior citizen, although many think I’m not but the old bones and muscles don’t lie. I’m also a professional photographer and have been photographing things since 1966.  I own a photographic business in the small town of Coaldale, AB and an office in Lethbridge, AB, Alberta’s third largest city.  When things get a bit slow I’m also a construction safety officer and hold a NCSO designation through the Alberta Construction Safety Association.  I spend quite a bit of time assisting companies in their safety programs in order for them to be compliant with the myriad of rules and regulations that the government expects of them. 

_MG_3362I’m married and my wife Maggie and I have three great  kids, Christene, Julie and Tommy.  We have five grand kids who live in Vancouver and our son lives in Lethbridge.  All our kids are either married or partnered up and doing just fine and our eldest grand daughter is married as well and gave birth to our first great grandchild.

So, how did I get here?  Well in 2002, during the turn down in the economy after 9-11, I was working as the Technical Services Manager for a huge multi-national corporation in Vancouver, B.C.  We had just been bought out for our intellectual assets and after 3 years and a change in CEO’s at the top, we found ourselves to be expendable.  The notion believed by the new CEO was that we were dead weight and were to be eliminated.  He wanted to lay off 30,000 people of the 90,000 that worked for the company but never got that far.  Of course, because we were so new and they only wanted our intellectual property and patents, we found our heads on the chopping blocks and 525 people lost their jobs.  Now understand that the original story we were told was that because we now worked for a company that had never laid off a single person in nearly 100 years, we were pretty safe till retirement.  I would have retired in 2010 with a good pension and a comfortable living if I had lasted that long with the stress of the job that is.

Quite frankly it was the best thing that ever has happened to me because after that day, my headaches went away and a feeling of freedom came over me like I’d never felt in my whole life.  So they paid me a bunch of money to go away and off I went.  That day it snowed in Vancouver which is always an event.

The wooden bridge looking over the Rock Quarry Garden, QE Park, Vancouver BCThe next morning the sun came up and I took my camera out on a cool, crisp day and on up to Little Mountain to take some shots of the snow covered landscape.  The feeling was like playing hooky and I felt strange in this new reality.  But it was a strange that I immediately started to enjoy.  While I was up there, a friend of mine met me and he asked me what I was going to do with my life now.  I answered , ” I haven’t the foggiest idea.”  He said, “Why don’t you do what you’re doing now?  You’ve done it for years and have always loved photography.”  I said, “Ok!”  And so here I am today.

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I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world because I’ve done just about everything there is to do in my lifetime and because of that this blog is going to be filled with fun and exciting experiences that I’ve either lived already or are going to live as I’m able. I invite you along on my journey and hope you have a good sense of humour because that’s what counts. Laugh every day and live longer.

Not only that, but I’m looking for your story too.  I want to interview you and find out what kind of a life you’ve had and the exciting stories you can tell.  I know they’re there and I’m willing to give you some wings to tell your tale on my blog and have some fun doing it.  Just send me a note and we’ll get together.  In the meantime, join the blog subscription and I’ll try my best to keep you entertained.   

Websites for ArtistsAnd finally I want to tell you about an organization I’ve belonged to for a number of years now called Fine Art America.  If you are an artist or photographer in your own right, this is the place to show your work and start marketing your creations to the world.  This is the best deal you will ever find and I strongly recommend it to anyone.  I’ll be speaking more about it later in a blog, but for now to investigate how it works, click on the advert on the right.

See you later…  Tom



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